QField 1.9.0 – Taivaskero

Taivaskero brings not only new gadgets like the print of atlas features, the Finnish address search, and an improved relation editor widget. There are as well lots of other improvements like a smarter progressive rendering and some revamp in the user interface.

  1. Search for Finnish addresses
  2. Print Atlas Features to PDF
  3. Geometry digitizing when adding a child feature
  4. Opening of individual vector/raster datasets
  5. Smarter progressive rendering
  6. Restore last viewed map extent
  7. Support for colors in attribute forms
  8. Other nice things and fixes
    • NMEA UI/UX improvements
    • UI/UX of the fill ring tool improvements
    • Preference of lowercase characters when entering username on layer login
    • No UI hang/freeze when opening the layer properties panel due to slow feature count
    • No lock of screen Orientation in QFieldActivity – means you can change the orientation during runtime
    • Use of C locale to validate doubles
    • Fixed remembered values
    • Fixed not showing the display string in the value relation
    • Fixed weird behavior on tab change

Source: https://github.com/opengisch/QField/releases/tag/v1.9.0

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