QCopycanvas #QGIS

QCopycanvas v0.5 – Active Version

QGIS 3 plugin

This tool can be used to copy the map canvas and place it in the clipboard. Using button or shortcut Ctrl-Space. Also, you can copy canvas with legend using button or shortcut Ctrl-W. This plugin is based on the plugin “Copy Canvas to Clipboard” in QGIS 2 by Bo Victor Thomsen – Municipality of Frederikssund.

Modified plugin on QGIS 3





7 thoughts on “QCopycanvas #QGIS

  1. Dear Bo Victor Thomsen,

    Thanks a lot for the nice tool, which makes copy very convenient.
    However, the shortcut (Ctrl + Space) doesn’t work for me. When I pressed the two keys together, nothing was copied.

    Kind regards,
    Dongliang Peng


  2. Marios that’s great, thank you for working on my request and getting it in so quickly.

    Couple things I think would make this even more awesome:
    -Can you make Ctrl+Return key the keyboard shortcut for the canvas with legend capture?
    -Is it possible to have all the layers expanded to show the checked items which have been catergorized in a layer?
    -The legend window that is displayed in the output is quite small, it doesn’t allow for many layers to be shown, can this be expanded to fit in all the layers currently checked in the layer panel?
    -Finally can you add “Legend” as the title and remove the scroll bar?

    So sorry for all the questions/requests, I appreciate this is a quite niche feature request but what you’ve done thus far is brilliant, and the plugin is so good for productivity as it stands, I’m just thankful for you to entertain the idea I had.

    If you would like me to send you some screenshots of how I envisage the plugin to output to the clipboard I can send you them with examples of the map, features and layer list I’m using.

    Thanks again Marios.


  3. Mario …. I love the plugin. TAHNK YOU for your work!!! I have having a difficulty getting the entire legend to show … it is cut off. Could you help me understand what I am doing wrong? Thank you again!! (I am running 3.16 on Windows 10)


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