EMT v2.2 prelease

Current version EMT v2.1.8

The EPANET-Matlab Toolkit is an open-source software, originally developed by the KIOS Research Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks of the University of Cyprus which operates within the Matlab environment, for providing a programming interface for the latest version of EPANET, a hydraulic and quality modeling software created by the US EPA, with Matlab, a high-level technical computing software. The goal of the EPANET Matlab Toolkit is to serve as a common programming framework for research and development in the growing field of smart water networks.

The EPANET-Matlab Toolkit features easy to use commands/wrappers for viewing, modifying, simulating and plotting results produced by the EPANET libraries.

For support, please use the OWA community forum: http://community.wateranalytics.org/

How to cite

D.G. Eliades, M. Kyriakou, S. Vrachimis and M.M. Polycarpou, “EPANET-MATLAB Toolkit: An Open-Source Software for Interfacing EPANET with MATLAB”, in Proc. 14th International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry (CCWI), The Netherlands, Nov 2016, p.8. (doi:10.5281/zenodo.831493)

author={Eliades, Demetrios G. and Kyriakou, Marios and Vrachimis, Stelios and Polycarpou, Marios M.}, 
title={EPANET-MATLAB Toolkit: An Open-Source Software for Interfacing EPANET with MATLAB}, 
booktitle={Proc. 14th International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry (CCWI)}, 
address = {The Netherlands},

How to install necessary compilers

In order to use the EPANET-MATLAB-Toolkit the MinGW-w64 compiler must be installed:

How to install MinGW-w64 compiler #Matlab

In case you have a version of Matlab older than 2015b install the Windows SDK compiler:

How to install Windows SDK compiler compiler #Matlab

Video tutorials

How to use EPANET-MATLAB-Toolkit

How to use EPANET-MATLAB-Toolkit

Rotate EPANET water network

Rotate water network via EPANET-MATLAB-Toolkit

Change/set the flow units of EPANET Input Files

Set flow units of input file #EPANET-MATLAB-Toolkit #EMT #EPANET

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