QVisualize #QGIS

QGIS 3 plugin

This tool can be used to visualize the features of a point layer one by one. Specifically, you can select a point layer to be visualized, then select the desired time delay (in seconds) and the accumulative or current only display. Then the point features in the layer will appear one by one according. You can use it for example to visualize a moving car/bird/boat etc.

Visualizing Santa Claus route over Cyprus

Merry Christmas – Happy New Year 2019 #QGIS

Visualize a car using TimeManager plugin


ImportPhotos #QGIS


Version 1.9 it’s on progress

New features:

– Add group with layer
– Fix issue in right/left transparent buttons

This tool can be used to import Geo-Tagged photos (jpg or jpeg) as points to QGIS. The user is able to select a folder with photos and only the geo-tagged photos will be taken. Then a geoJSON point file will be created which will contain the name of the picture, its directory, the date and time taken, altitude, longitude, latitude, azimuth, north and camera maker and model. The plug-in doesn’t need any third party applications to work. It has two buttons; the one is to import geotagged photos, and the other one is to be able to click on a point and display the photo along with information regarding the date time and altitude. Supported GeoJSON, SHP, GPKG, CSV, KML, TAB, ODS type of files.

QGIS 2 & QGIS 3 ( Drop updates for QGIS 2 #v1.6 , v1.7)

Mac Users. Requires the following Python Modules to be installed: UnixImageIO, FreeType, PIL Please visit: http://www.kyngchaos.com/software/python#