QGIS Plugin – Multilayer Select #QGIS

Multilayer Select (QGIS plugin)

Add new selection tools that work across layers.

  • Select by Click
  • Select by Rectangle
  • Select by Polygon (and freehand while the mouse is pressed)
  • Select by Freehand
  • Select by Radius
  • Add/Remove to/from selection when pressing Shift/Ctrl
  • Select all features from all layers
  • Invert all features
  • Select by expression

One can also exclude some layers, that will not be used by the mutli selection tools

  • Selection color: effect icons, rubberband, and features
  • Set active..: If enabled and the active layer has no selected feature, change the active layer to the first layer with at least one selected feature
  • Replace default action: If True, replace the QGIS selection tool with the multilayer selection tools. Else, add the multilayer selection tools in their own toolbar
  • Display settings action on the toolbar
  • Included Layers: list the vector layers in the current project. Unchecked layers will be ignored by the multilayer selection tools (useful for ignoring a vector basemap for instance).
    • If Exclude hidden layers is checked (default), the selection tools will not select or deselect any feature belonging to hidden layers (unchecked in the QGIS layer tree view)
    • If Always include an active layer is checked (default), the active layer will not be ignored even if it is unchecked in the list.

Exclusion example

Exlusion Exmaple

Source: https://github.com/YoannQDQ/qgis-multilayer-select
Author: Yoann Quenach de Quivillic

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