Smart virtual city for management of critical infrastructure systems

The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) operates within the University of Cyprus. The Center was established in 2008 and was subsequently selected by the EU to advance into a Research and Innovation Center of Excellence in 2017. With collaboration with Imperial College London, KIOS has succeeded in securing funding in excess of 40 million euros for the period of 2017-2022. This is the largest and most competitive funding to be secured for research and innovation in Cyprus which will be implemented as part of the EU’s strategic Horizon 2020 program for “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation – Teaming”.

The KIOS CoE is the largest research and innovation center in Cyprus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with an emphasis on monitoring, control, management, and security of critical infrastructures such as electric power systems, water distribution networks, telecommunication networks, and transportation systems. The goal of the Center is to conduct outstanding interdisciplinary research and innovation and produce new knowledge and tools that can be applied to solve real-life problems. The Center collaborates with an extended network of national and international academic, industrial, and governmental organizations to assure that its research has maximal applicability and impact.


QGIS Plugin – Multilayer Select #QGIS

Multilayer Select (QGIS plugin)

Add new selection tools that work across layers.

  • Select by Click
  • Select by Rectangle
  • Select by Polygon (and freehand while the mouse is pressed)
  • Select by Freehand
  • Select by Radius
  • Add/Remove to/from selection when pressing Shift/Ctrl
  • Select all features from all layers
  • Invert all features
  • Select by expression

One can also exclude some layers, that will not be used by the mutli selection tools

  • Selection color: effect icons, rubberband, and features
  • Set active..: If enabled and the active layer has no selected feature, change the active layer to the first layer with at least one selected feature
  • Replace default action: If True, replace the QGIS selection tool with the multilayer selection tools. Else, add the multilayer selection tools in their own toolbar
  • Display settings action on the toolbar
  • Included Layers: list the vector layers in the current project. Unchecked layers will be ignored by the multilayer selection tools (useful for ignoring a vector basemap for instance).
    • If Exclude hidden layers is checked (default), the selection tools will not select or deselect any feature belonging to hidden layers (unchecked in the QGIS layer tree view)
    • If Always include an active layer is checked (default), the active layer will not be ignored even if it is unchecked in the list.

Exclusion example

Exlusion Exmaple

Author: Yoann Quenach de Quivillic