Create a section profile of a DEM using the D.E.M. Slicer plugin #QGIS

D.E.M. Slicer

It is a simple cutting tool (in slices) of DEM data, to draw pretty postcards, for lovers of reliefs.

The principle is to build a series of altitude profiles (lines or polygons), to juxtapose them to give the illusion of a 3D view. Here, no calculation of the atmospheric refractive index, no consideration of the Earth’s curvature … just a little geometry, and the styles do the rest. The resulting layers are positioned where you want, the coordinate system used is that of the map (prefer 3857 rather than 4326 -in degrees-).

The offsets (varied according to the parameters chosen) in height of each cut simulate parallel or perspective views, a ‘radial’ vision attempts to get closer to the vision that an observer can have.

A ‘ridge line’ calculation enhances the reliefs.


Author: Xavier Culos

More in english/french with examples:

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