Make a ridge line chart from any region #anvaka #maps

Visualize elevation of any area on the map with filled area charts also known as a ridge line.


Visualize nuclear energy in the world using the Nuclear Energy Plants Radiations plugin #QGIS

Nuclear Energy Plant Radiation Plugin

This project was developed on the course of the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the master’s degree program in data science at the University of Salerno. The goal of this project was develop a python plugin for the software Quantum GIS (QGIS) in order to visualize on the open street map all nuclear energy plant in the world. This plugin use the mqtt protocol for receive of radiation data from sensors in order to dinamically visualize it on the map. In order to clarify the visualization of the radiation data, a heat map was created and used. The plugin uses fake radiation, it simulates that the data comes from real sensors.


Project manager:

  • Domenico Marino  Energy_Plant Plugin  DomenicoM92
  • Ruggiero Mario  Energy_Plant Plugin  MarioR95


Create a section profile of a DEM using the D.E.M. Slicer plugin #QGIS

D.E.M. Slicer

It is a simple cutting tool (in slices) of DEM data, to draw pretty postcards, for lovers of reliefs.

The principle is to build a series of altitude profiles (lines or polygons), to juxtapose them to give the illusion of a 3D view. Here, no calculation of the atmospheric refractive index, no consideration of the Earth’s curvature … just a little geometry, and the styles do the rest. The resulting layers are positioned where you want, the coordinate system used is that of the map (prefer 3857 rather than 4326 -in degrees-).

The offsets (varied according to the parameters chosen) in height of each cut simulate parallel or perspective views, a ‘radial’ vision attempts to get closer to the vision that an observer can have.

A ‘ridge line’ calculation enhances the reliefs.


Author: Xavier Culos

More in english/french with examples: