Global Dam Map #QGIS

Biggest Dams based on data

DamCountry YearCapacity MCMQuality
1.Lake VictoriaUganda 1954 204800 Verified
2.KaribaZimbabwe 1959 185000 Good
3.Bratskoye Russia 1964 169000 Fair
4.Lake NasserEgypt 1970 162000 Verified
5.VoltaGhana 1965 148000 Verified
6.ManicouaganCanada 1968 141850 Good
7.CaroniVenezuela 1986 135000 Fair
8.WillistonCanada 1967 74300 Fair
9.Krasnoyarskoye Russia 197273300 Verified
10. Zeyskoye Russia197868400Fair

Total dams in this dataset: 7320

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