Kourris is the largest dam of Cyprus

Construction beganSept 1, 1984
Opening date1988
Total capacity115,000,000 m3
Surface area3.6 km3

The construction of the dam was first proposed by the Cyprus Water Development board in 1968. Following several feasibility studies, the French engineering company Sogreah [7] completed the detailed design in 1981. The contract for its construction was awarded in January 1984 to a consortium comprising J&P construction and Impregilo of Italy.

Its construction was opposed by environmental groups concerned about the effects of water diversion on the Limassol Salt Lake, a wetland located downstream to the rivers and used by migratory birds.[5] The dam is part of the Southern Conveyor Project, which carries water from the SW side of Cyprus to the SE part of the island, over a distance of 120 km. The dam has a central clay core zoned earth fill embankment with a height of 110m and a crest length of approximately 550 metres providing a water storage volume of 115 million cubic metres.[6]

The construction cost amounted to CYP £29,000,000. Part of the funding came from the European Investment Bank.[8] Construction was completed in September 1988. It was officially inaugurated by the then president, George Vassiliou, on 22 April 1989.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kouris_Dam

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